May 2018

We would like to make investors aware of Valiant Investments Management, which has no relationship or connection with Valiant Investments plc, and which is seeking to scam and defraud investors. If you are contacted by anyone from Valiant Investments Management we would urge you to immediately cease communication.

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About us

Valiant Investments plc is focussed on building a diversified portfolio of investments across sectors including natural resources and technology. The preference is to make investments in fledgling companies that demonstrate evidence of being able to make significant returns on the Company’s investment.

Investee companies


GroAfrica Limited is focused on developing alternative green energy and on the production of food stocks in various countries of Africa, which can be profitable to both its host country and its rural populations. The primary objective for GroAfrica is to develop the first Bioethanol refinery in Zambia and for the production of bioethanol from Zambian Cassava.



Agri Green

Agri Green Energy Limited is an agriculture and green energy based company focussed on identifying opportunities in Africa.


All Star Minerals

All Star Minerals is an ISDX Growth Market company. Its principal asset is its investment in NQ Minerals plc, itself an ISDX Growth Market company with exploration assets in Queensland, Australia. All Star holds 5,519,545 shares in NQ Minerals.


NQ Minerals

NQ is an Australian-based exploration and mining company, focusing on projects where past exploration work has established the presence of mineral occurrences. Its shares are listed on the ISDX Growth Market.



Flamethrower is a technology company that offers a wide selection of mobile apps for use on smartphones and tablets. Valiant holds 84.7% of the issued share capital of Flamethrower.